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Reason Explanation Withdrawn nomination While the nominator may withdraw their nomination at any time, if subsequent editors have suggested an outcome besides keep or added substantive comments unrelated to deletion, the discussion should not be closed simply because the nominator wishes to withdraw. Requested moves (RM) While primarily for renaming (moving) pages, may result in deletion (e.g. There is never an obligation to close in some cases (see "concerns" ) it may be preferable to comment oneself, instead, even if the "due date" for closing has been reached, and leave the close to another user. Reasons for deletion Starting a discussion Speedy process Closing instructions Templates for discussion (TfD) Pages in the Template : and Module : namespaces, excluding stub templates, userboxes, and redirects. Such deletions can be requested of stewards at meta:Steward requests/Miscellaneous. Files in the File : namespace that have a local description page but no local file. The nominated page is a policy or guideline. Subst : afd top 'Keep' per WP:snow. Delete All A rough consensus to remove (i.e. Editors reopening discussions are advised to notify the original closer.

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Wikipedia:Deletion process - Wikipedia Filme porno xxx fr Sex vidjo erotisk massage Stockholm Eskorts, Göteborg Eskorts, Sverige tjejer Massage sundbyberg knulla The speedy deletion process applies to pages which meet at least one of the criteria for speedy deletion, which specify the only cases in which administrators have broad consensus support to, at their discretion, bypass deletion discussion and immediately delete Wikipedia pages or media. Before deleting a page through the speedy deletion process, verify that it meets at least. Sex escort malmö stockholm escort service planer erotiska leksaker eskorttjejer att utforska med Klassisk Svensk Massage, Stockholms escort tjejer porrbilder dk - stone massage, Mötesplatsen inloggning porno xxx - eskorter Watch Butt Plug porn. List of tallest buildings and structures in London - Wikipedia Online Notes Services Fast Escorte stockholm jinda thai massage Erotisk Thaimassage, stockholm, sex, med Dildo Amatörbilder sex sweden porn tube - eskorter stockholm. Stockholm escorts, please try again later, video hd-kvalitet ger dig möjlighet att skjuta tillbaka bekymmer på sparlåga och dyka rakt in i den virvel av Ditt kön önskningar. Finns det några som är behov av pengar new. Hej jag är en äldre gentleman jag söker tjejer och Kvinnor som är behov av sprit eller pengar till valborg jag kommer att ta hand om dig som en Gentleman du kommer att bli varmt omhändertagen av en gentleman av mig.

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, to make the rationale for the decision clear this is especially true in heated and high public profile cases, or where many views will be given little weight (or a few views given substantial. Refine (or "Keep and refine Redirects The redirect should lead to a specific section of the page it currently targets (e.g. For example, "Merge and delete" or "Rename and merge". Page does not exist or has already been deleted prior to the nomination Close the discussion, and place a notice on the nominator's talk page. WhatLinksHere may show that the page is an oft-referred part of the encyclopedia, or may show other similar pages that warrant deletion. However, in this case, the article can be restored for any reason on request. If the nomination has received very few or no comments but appears controversial to the closing administrator, or has been declined for proposed deletion in the past, the discussion may be closed at the closer's discretion and best judgement. Non-administrators should limit their closes to outcomes they have the technical ability to implement; for example, non-admins should not close a discussion as delete, because only admins can delete pages. However, editors may propose the deletion of a page if they believe that it would be an uncontroversial candidate for deletion.

Userfy Articles, templates, miscellaneous pages This would move the page into the creator's userspace so that they may make improvements. Reasons for deletion Starting a discussion Speedy process Closing instructions Redirects for discussion (RfD) Redirects in any namespace. Therefore, in general, debates should not be relisted more than twice. Deletion venues Deletion venues (or deletion forums ) are the six places to propose a page not eligible for speedy deletion be deleted: Deletion venues Discussion type Scope Reasons for deletion / Starting a discussion note 1 / Closing instructions Articles for deletion (AfD) Articles and other pages in the main namespace. Disambiguate (or "Dabify Articles, redirects If the discussion concludes that the title can refer to many topics, it can be changed to a disambiguation page to list all of them. This can sometimes happen when a topic attracts high levels of attention from those engaged (or having a specific view) but slower attention from other less involved editors, perhaps with other points of view. Never close a discussion as a wrong venue without opening a discussion at an appropriate one. However, discussions with minimal participation where no mogen gratis porr erotiskmassage one opposes deletion should be closed per WP:noquorum. Delete but allow undeleting with an appropriate licence Files If a file is only deleted due to copyright issues, it could be re-uploaded if these issues are resolved Listify Categories This means to delete the category and create a list article instead. However, under certain circumstances, discussions may be closed prior to the seven-day timeframe. See this July 2015 discussion. The talk page may refer to previous deletion discussions or have ongoing discussion relevant to including the page. The closer should make it clear the deletion is a soft delete as part of the close, ideally with a link to this guideline. No consensus All A lack of a rough consensus for any one particular action. If there is a lack of comments, or the action to take is unclear, the discussion may be relisted for an additional seven days. Closers should review these policies to confirm the criteria are met, and then use their discretion. This can happen at AFD especially, if the article could be suitable for Wikipedia, but is created under an inappropriate title, and was nominated for deletion, but consensus agrees it is fixable if the title is changed. Not delete) a page, though not necessarily in its current form. Reasons for deletion Starting a discussion Speedy process Closing instructions Miscellany for deletion (MfD) All pages, except redirects, in the Book Draft Help Portal MediaWiki Wikipedia : (including WikiProjects User TimedText Education Program Topic Gadget Gadget definition Talk and the various X talk : namespaces. If this happens, take it only as a sign that the decision was not as obvious as you thought. Consider notifying the editor who suggested deletion. Usually, both closing and relisting are administrator actions. Although the steps for closing deletion discussions vary from one deletion discussion venue to another, a few general principles apply at all venues.

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3 Do not close discussions in which you have offered an opinion, or for a page in which you have a vested interest (i.e. Snowball clause The "snowball clause" exists to avoid process for the sake of process, or when the outcome of the deletion discussion is, or has become, almost certain, such that there is not a "snowball's chance in hell" that the outcome will be anything other. Not retain) a page, including its entire revision history. In that case, the nominated page is speedily kept while the nomination can be tagged with db-g5 and speedily deleted as a banned contribution. Reasons for deletion Starting a discussion Speedy process Closing instructions Files for discussion (FfD) Files (most of which are images ). In some circumstances, a page may be speedily deleted if it meets strict criteria set by consensus. When to use RM Starting a discussion Speedy process Closing instructions The process of starting a discussion is greatly aided by the use of Twinkle, a software package available to any autoconfirmed user. If a deletion discussion receives minimal participation, the article may be deleted. The time of tagging would then be treated as the nomination time. The deletion process is not a forum for policy concerns. Add the appropriate tag to the article: Pages with many revisions The deletion of pages with long histories may impact server performance.

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Svensk amatör sex eskort tjejer i stockholm If unsure, report as usual for suspected sock-puppetry, and indicate your concern and reason in the debate for the closer and future participants, but in a way that addresses the debate rather than attacking the user. Closures may only be reopened by the closer themselves, an uninvolved administrator in their individual capacity, giving their reasoning, or by consensus at deletion review. Nominations which are so erroneous that they indicate that the nominator has not even read the article in question. This includes re-nominating the same page with the same arguments immediately after they were strongly rejected in a recently closed deletion discussion.
Svea thaimassage svenska escorttjejer Merge votes should be specific and clear. Exception: a non-administrator may close a TfD as orphan. However, if at the end of the initial seven-day period, the discussion has only a few participants (including the nominator and/or it seems to be lacking arguments based on policy, it may be appropriate for the closer to relist it, to solicit further discussion. However, if adding comments within relist, please keep in mind that this is a Wikipedia administration template, and should not be used mogen escort göteborg svensk porrno to give priority to one's own desired outcome.
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