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New York-New York Hotel Casino, completed in 1997. However, under certain circumstances, discussions may be closed prior to the seven-day timeframe. A relisted discussion may be closed once consensus is determined without necessarily waiting a further seven days. However, if at the end of the initial seven-day period, the discussion has only a few participants (including the nominator and/or it seems to be lacking arguments based on policy, it may be appropriate for the closer to relist it, to solicit further discussion. The tallest building approved for the city is the World Jewelry Center, which is planned for construction. The Strip in 2010, the city of, las Vegas, Nevada and its surrounding unincorporated communities in the. Turnberry Towers Tower I 453 (138).39N 115911.24W /.1406639N 115.1531222W /.1406639; -115. These include commenting yourself, rather than closing, or extending the period of discussion, noting this is done due to concerns and to allow other editors to comment. In that case, the nominated page is speedily kept while the nomination can be tagged with db-g5 and speedily deleted as a banned contribution. The nominator is banned, so their edits are not to be retained.

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If the former was the case, politely tell the nominator to properly start a new discussion with the correct title, and the time they start the new discussion will be treated as the nomination time. See this July 2015 discussion. "Las Vegas City Council Approves World Jewelry Center Plans". WhatLinksHere may show that the page is an oft-referred part of the encyclopedia, or may show other similar pages that warrant deletion. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino 480 (146).48N 1151029.22W /.0918000N 115.1747833W /.0918000; -115. Permanent dead link "Bellagio Resort Casino". Common options include, but are not limited to: relisting the discussion (see the section ' Relisting discussions closing as "no consensus" with no prejudice against speedy renomination ( npasr closing in favour of the nominator's stated proposal; soft deleting the article. This building, however, is currently on hold. 2, the tower is also the tallest observation tower in the United States. Instead, start a discussion on the talk page of the concerned page or at the village pump. There is also proposed deletion, an alternative system to suggest uncontroversial delayed speedy deletion of pages in the article namespace after a notice has been present for seven days. "Developer has plans for 777-room casino hotel in downtown Las Vegas". "Turnberry Place Tower Three". "Turnberry Towers East Tower". "World's Largest Ferris Wheel, "The High Roller Is On Its Way To Las Vegas".

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would instead be possible to revert and salvage a previous version and to determine whether. The Signature at MGM Grand Tower III 475 (145).66N 115959.18W /.1068500N 115.1664389W /.1068500; -115. Vdara 570 (174).02N 1151040.66W /.1094500N 115.1779611W /.1094500; -115. Caesars Palace Palace Tower 435 (133).35N 1151037.95W /.1167639N 115.1772083W /.1167639; -115. Transwiki If consensus indicates a transwiki should take place, but you do not want to complete the transwiki process immediately: Add a new entry to Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Old/Transwiki. An equal sign following a rank indicates the same height between two or more buildings. A page that you have edited heavily). A b "Wynn Las Vegas". Remember to assume good faith in your tone the participants may well intend to help by doing what they think is right. "Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas". 17 18 5 Wynn 614 (187).23N 115956.55W /.1264528N 115.1657083W /.1264528; -115. "Turnberry Place Tower One". Freestanding observation towers, while not habitable buildings, are included for comparison purposes, but not ranked.

Velotta (January 10, 2019). Stratosphere Tower, which rises 1,149 feet (350 m) just north of the. The Cosmopolitan Boulevard Tower 610 (184).45N 1151026.13W /.1098472N 115.1739250W /.1098472; -115. No consensus All A lack of a rough consensus for any one particular action. Archived from the original. Early closure In general, deletion discussions should remain open for at least seven days (168 hours) to allow interested editors adequate time to participate. The nominated page is a policy or guideline. Categories deletion is required to change the name. The deletion process is not a forum for policy concerns. 4, the tallest completed building in the city is the 52-story. Marriott's Grand Chateau 420 (128).68N 1151010.07W /.1076889N 115.1694639W /.1076889; -115.1694639 Structure has 4 wings, all the same height to be built in 4 phases, with three completed and open and one still pending. For instructions on handling articles and files that have been proposed for deletion, see Wikipedia:Proposed deletion#Deletion. Return and search all three. Instead, consider whether to use any of the early closures below. Reason Explanation Withdrawn nomination While the nominator may withdraw their nomination at any time, if subsequent editors have suggested an outcome besides keep or added substantive comments unrelated to deletion, the discussion should not be closed simply because the nominator wishes to withdraw. Deletion discussions The deletion discussion processes apply to pages which are formally nominated for deletion through an appropriate deletion discussion venue. The deletion process encompasses the processes involved in implementing and recording the community's decisions to delete or keep pages and media.